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What people say?

We’ve been using Superior Mortuary Transport LLC since they started operation. Lennox is the type person who shows dignity and respect and concern when representing our County Coroners office and or Funeral Home firm. You can feel confident your loved ones and friends are in good hands when in his care.
Paul Hutson
Owner of Hutson Funeral Home
My Dad was in the hospital in Springfield MO when he passed and we live in Rolla so we needed to get Dad back home. Lenox was so caring and professional. He took care of all the details and was so good at keeping in communication with us. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough! It was comforting to know my dad was in caring hands.
Teresa White-Stephens
Family Member of Deceased
My family called Lenox Jones the day my Dad passed away, we were in Springfield, Mo and my Dad needed to be brought back home to Rolla. He was very honored to do this for my Family, Lenox took care of the details and kept us up to date when he had my Dad back home for us. Lenox is also been a family friend for many many years. We are all truly grateful for him.
Sharon Gaddy
Family of Deceased
Great company and Great people that work there.
Calvin Whitaker
Best response I have ever had with a transport company. All the drivers are professional and willing to help when asked.
Darren Dake
Deputy Coroner
I had a good friend use this service for her Mother. Mr. Jones was VERY caring and extremely professional !! I highly recommend him !!
Stoney Byrne
Friend of Deceased
We have used Mr. Jones services on several occasions. He has always been prompt and courteous to the families we are serving. I highly recommend Mr. Jones's services!!
Mike Thomas
Morton Funeral Home
The is a great transport company. Memorial Chapel of Waynesville has used their service many times.
Chris Hendrix
Memorial Chapel
Great owners and great service. Does a valuable service for families in their times of need
Jeremy Schultz

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